Whether a legal office of 3 users or 350 seat manufacturing operation, Stepping Stone Service Provider understands that every business is unique. Ironically, among all these businesses there is one single unique commonality – need for Information Technology aka IT.

Life CycleStepping Stone Service Provider aka 3SP is a world class Information Technology for Small to Medium size businesses.    Our solutions are derived from the following 3 key pillars:

1. Reduce IT Costs – if a business is going to invest in a solution it must pay for itself over time.   No matter what the solution is – there is always an expected Return On Investment (ROI). Our goal is to recognize and communicate the ROI to our clients.

2. Improve IT Transparency - for many companies,  IT is viewed as a cost center (necessary evil) because of the solutions deployed.   Our solutions are geared toward bridging IT with End User, IT with Management, and Management with End User via IT.    We pride ourselves in making sure that all aspects of a solution are tuned appropriately.  3. Our ultimate goal is to be viewed by our clients as a strategic IT Partner.

3. Improve / Enhance Business Productivity – an in tangle item by nature, improved productivity for a business is difficult to measure.    Our solutions are geared toward using IT to “do more with less”. “Whether it is providing an employee secured access his/her emails, files or application at any location; or enabling an IT professional to proactively manage their network infrastructure from a single location; as well as, assist a company executive with editing a strategic proposal or recover a lost file. Gain productivity and improve employee satisfaction.

Managed Services

Balance among all 3 pillars allows our solutions in the following areas to excel over competitors:

  • IT Managed Services
  • Virtualization – Server and Desktop
  • Cloud Services - Private Hosted Services
  • Co - Location
  • Business Continuity – Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • System and capacity Planning
  • Project Management
  • Security and Patch management
  • Inventory / Asset / License Management
  • System Procurement
  • Network and Security Monitoring
  • System and Network Design and Architect


3SP has been in the IT industry for over 15 years, and in the past 5 years, the greatest changes have occurred. Solutions that were once available for the large enterprise (due to cost) have been brought front and center to the small and medium size business.

CoreIO™ is our unique network, server and workstation management program which entails predefined service bundles.   For as little as $10/month,  3SP give you the flexibility to define the amount of security, support, monitoring, and specialized software that is associated with your network environment.
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Providing solutions to your business problems or difficulties is what we do best!

3SP Plus your Company

Information YOU can Understand We provide network information that anyone can understand at any time.
Quick Response time With a SLA of 8 hours with a average ticket completion within 2 hours, CoreIO provides fast support in an even faster business world.
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CoreIO CoreIO is our unique network, server and workstation management program which entails predefined service bundles